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While at the HOPE conference last weekend, Rich and I were interviewed by IDG News service. The video has just surfaced on the Internet (Big welcome to everyone who found us through the various blogs that picked this up):

Those exciting command line shots in the video are indeed showing some working parts of the protocol, such as encrypted tracker requests:

We’re also getting very close to finishing neighbor-to-neighbor connections, so an alpha release can be expected within the next few weeks.

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Me and John just got back from the Last HOPE conference in NYC. We got to talk to developers from both BitTorrent and Tor (thanks for the shirts and stickers!) who gave us tons of good input and ideas, some of which we’ve already integrated! Good times were had by all!
hope tomb

Thanks for everybody who came to see our demo on the 2nd floor. If you missed it, I’ve put up a copy of the pdf, which you can download: Anomos.pdf

John has been diligently hacking away at the codebase recently and it’s coming along really nicely. Clients can now securely connect to the tracker and handshake to securely connect with each other. Data encryption up and down is in place, and the Relayers are being worked on so it shouldn’t be long until a slightly hacky but working alpha is available.

I set up an Anomos Wiki which we will be using for documentation and guides at somepoint, but there isn’t any content there yet. I’m also thinking about setting up a phpBB forum or a Google Group so we can handle development discussions.

Rich out!