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Exciting news: Tomorrow, we leave for the 25th Chaos Computer Congress in Berlin, Germany! We will have a table and hopefully be giving a lightning talk so come by and have a chat with us!

Also: After a brief period of flux.. Anomos is working again. We began to switch from our hacked-up public key system to a proper SSL/Certificate system a while back and got bogged down with school work so things were off track for a while, but now we’re free and have had some furious spurts of coding and now it works again with proper SSL! Comments on the last blog entry indicate that the GUI is broken again (bugger), but I can work on that, I doubt it will be anything too major so we can show off the fanciness for 25C3.

See you there!

Rolly out!

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Or, so what’s been going on with Anomos development?

Well, we’ve switched out the old handshake protocol and replaced all the connections with TLS for speed and security purposes. It makes things a lot easier and faster for our project and should make things much easier for integrating with existing clients. This should speed up our release schedule, so you’ll see a proper release quite soon! However, if you’d like to experiment on your own before then, the source is available in the git as always.