Posted on April 9, 2009 in Anomos by Rich 47 Comments »

Progress continues. Windows version is now just as good as the linux version. We’re still working on a quick and small revision-by-revision development cycle and the windows release will have to be bundled into a package for distribution, so I’m waiting until we’re absolutely release-stable before I package it up. If you’re on linux, you can just try it for yourself now by checking out from the git (instructions on our wiki) or you’re a windows user interested trying out a recent build, drop us an email or join the development channel, #anomos on

Anyway, I’m not very happy with the current Anomos GUI, it’s a bit clunky outdated. So, I’m looking for ideas on what it should look like. What features would you like to see? I prefer minimal clients and am thinking about keeping it basically as simple as possible, but what do you guys like? Do people actually prefer the larger clients like Vuze and uTorrent over things like BitTornado and Transmission.

I could use some help on the UI/usability side of things, so if there are any GTK wizards out there looking for a project to throw a wrench on, get in touch!