Posted on May 20, 2009 in Other Projects by John 5 Comments »

If you’ve browsed our git repository recently, you probably saw a new project called ACR120. A few months back I bought an ACR120U RFID reader/writer to try and find out what kind of data was stored on my student ID, and maybe.. you know.. make a copy of it for safe keeping. Anyway, it can read ISO14443 compliant cards like ever so popular MiFare Classic card, but the Linux support is pretty iffy out of the box. There’s a driver at least, so I started writing a SWIG wrapper and a high level python interface to the device. My ACR120 is locked up in storage until September — but if anyone else has one and wants to hack on it, by all means, check out the source and send me any questions you have.

EDIT: I’ve moved the ACR120 git repo to

Posted on May 4, 2009 in Anomos by Rich 4 Comments »

People are wondering what we’re up to and why there hasn’t been any progress recently.

We’re both university students and its the last few weeks of school, so we haven’t had any time for nutrition or hygiene, let alone time to hack on Anomos. However, the end is in sight now.

School finishes in mid-May (11th), and then I’m gonna take a few days for some recuperation/party/sleep, then Anomos will be developed on full-time for the next 4 months. Please just have a little more patience. Thank you for your continued interest.

Rich out