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You can download the new version by clicking here.

This is a minor release which fixes the issues with invisible text areas which was caused by a problem in an underlying graphics component. It also introduces a Connections windows which will show information about connected neighbors and their geographic locations (provided by a MaxMind database). It is built from the ‘testing’ branch, but I believe that it is stable enough to release.

The new version has been tested on XP and Vista, but not Windows 7. If any Windows 7 users download this and try it, please let me know if it works, or if it doesn’t, what you are able to do to fix it.

Also, we need way more people to seed and relay on the network. Anomos requires that at least a handful of users are connected to a tracker to create the pathways necessary for a transfer to occur. You can use this torrent file to help seed and relay with. If you’re really cool, you’ll tell your friends! Anomos needs a community to support it!

Anyway, windows users can use this link to download the new version. Linux users can get the new features by downloading the testing branch in the git repository.

That’s all for now –

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Grr.. not happy to have to post this, but it’s at least a temporary solution.

If you’ve been using Anomos on Windows, you’ve probably noticed that there are some issues with text objects being invisible. This is a bug being caused by the “Wimp” theme in GTK-2.18. I am investigating and will be releasing a proper fix in an upcoming release, likely by downgrading to GTK-2.16.

To solve this problem, delete or rename the folder called ‘themes’ located in C:/Program Files/Anomos/share

You will notice that it will end up looking quite ugly as the native theming is removed, but at least it will draw properly.

I’m investigating further and hopefully will have a proper version upgrade available in the next few days.

I would really like some help in maintaining the Windows version of Anomos, so if you’re interested, please get in touch! The Windows 7 version in particular is a mess, but I don’t have a machine to test it on, so I’d really appreciate some help there.


Update: Yep, downgrading from 2.18 to 2.16 fixed the bug, I will package a new version tomorrow.

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After months of work, Anomos Liberty Enhancements is proud to release version 0.9 of Anomos – Anonymous and Encrypted BitTorrent!

This new version introduces faster downloads, a refreshed look and vastly improved overall stability.

* Windows users can click here to download the installer package from
* GNU/Linux users can follow the instructions on the Downloads page to get the software and the required libraries.
* There is currently no OSX version (because we don’t have any OSX machines), but it is possible to run Anomos on OSX, as this page describes. If you’d like to build an OSX package for Anomos, please get in touch!

The other big news is that we are now running a public Anomos tracker! Our server is located at:

You can help us test our tracker by downloading this atorrent: Education on Humans (and Examples from Camera), a short film by video artist Dave Fischer.

For more information about sharing your files with Anomos, you should read this guide.

Although it has come along way, Anomos is still under active development and should not yet be used for purposes which require absolute security.

Anomos needs help! We are looking for:
* People to seed files and run trackers! Anomos can’t work unless people use it.
* People to test the client and tracker looking for bugs.
* Python programmers to find and fix bugs and add new features.
* People to maintain packages for different linux distributions, a Windows maintainer and a maintainer for OSX.
* Translators, so that Anomos can be easily used by people in non-English speaking countries.
* Programmers in other languages (particularly C/C++) who could add Anomos support to other existing BitTorrent projects.

If you’d like to become part of the Anomos community, you can join our new web forum, or you can join us in #anomos on Become part of the future of digital freedom!

Anomos is graciously funded by the NLNet Foundation, without which none of this would have been possible.

That’s all for now – though there’s always more in the pipeline!

Rich – Anomos Liberty Enhancement

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So, you’d like to anonymously share files with Anomos. This short guide will teach you how!

First, you’ll need to download and install the program on your system. See the ‘Downloads’ link above. Then, open up the program and go to File – Make a New Atorrent, like below.

This will bring up this screen. Add the files or directories you wish to share. If you wish to use our tracker, leave the Announce URL the same, or if you wish to share on another tracker, use the complete URL which they provide you with. When you are finished, press Make.

This will create your_filename.atorrent in the directory where your files are. Now, in the main client, open that .atorrent and when asked where to save, point it to the files you are trying to share. (On some older linux systems, you may need to type ‘.’ when sharing directories.)

Then, to share your files with other people, you will need to send them your .atorrent file. You can do this via email or via the web. (This is an important step, but if you aren’t careful, you may compromise your anonymity. If you are using the web to publish your torrents, you may want to do so through Tor. ) Then, when other people open the file, they will be able to download the file from you over the Anomos network.

That’s it! Happy sharing!