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There are a number of ways you can join the anomos community!

If you are a developer interested in participating, the best thing you can do is join the Anomos-Dev mailing list. Sign up and introduce yourself to the list!

Anomos still has a very small development team, so all help is appreciated. There are plenty of things left to do, such as

  • Adding new features
  • Finding and fixing bugs (see our Trac)
  • Adding Anomos support to existing clients (Transmission and Deluge are ripe targets) and libraries (libtorrent)
  • Adding Anomos suppport to existing trackers (opentracker in particular)
  • Improving the Publishing features of the Anonbay indexing code
  • Starting new Anomos trackers for various purposes
  • Packaging and support for OSX, Windows and different Linux distributions
  • Translations

If you are an IRC user, you can join our channel, #anomos on

We also run a forum, which you can find here.

Please fell welcome to get in touch with us if you are interested in helping out! You can also send us an email to partners [att] anomos [doot] info.