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We’re very excited about Anomos and want to hear all of your feedback, so please send us email or leave comments here on the site. We’d also love to hear from developers (or anyone else) who would like to work on the project.

John’s GPG public key fingerprint:

pub   1024D/A1D39D09 2008-04-23
  Key fingerprint = 7131 3E78 7500 3BB2 FCDD  FA97 91ED 834D A1D3 9D09
uid                  John M. Schanck <>
sub     2048g/2B4C51FB 2008-04-23

Rich’s GPG public key fingerprint:

pub   1024D/7A261955 2008-08-13
  Key fingerprint = 30BF 81FA 0BFE D22F 73D4  8AC9 5D74 17BE 7A26 1955
uid                  Richard Jones <>
sub   2080g/602B0797 2008-08-13

Email about the website (corrections, 404s, etc) is best directed to John. General comments/questions about the Anomos project should be sent to both of us. Thanks!