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Warning!Please Note: Anomos is an experimental anonymity protocol. It has not yet undergone the serious peer-review necessary to consider it safe for general use. Do not rely on it for strong anonymity.

Download Anomos 0.9.5 for:

Other Versions:
Checkout the latest source with git
The latest version for GNU/Linux users is available for download here (and here for the development branch). If you prefer to use the command line to get the latest version, you can use the following git command:
git clone git://
If you would prefer to checkout the testing branch (which will typically have newer features but may not be 100% functional) you can use the following command instead:
git clone git://
cd anomos.git
git checkout -b testing origin/testing

It will also require that you have python, OpenSSL and m2crypto installed, which should be available in your package manager of choice. Ubuntu/Debian users can run:
sudo apt-get install openssl python-m2cryptosmwhite

Windows Maintainer, Linux Packaging, Other platforms
If you’d like to package Anomos for a specific Linux distro, help test and package our Windows port, work on the OS X native compatibility or port Anomos to another system, we can really use your help! If you’d like to get involved, please email

Verifying your download (SHA256 checksums)