I love playing video games. I love it so much that I even have two video game systems on the home of the X box and the Playstation. I used to play with my Playstation most of the time because it has all the games I like to play. But recently I’ve seen that I now have a wide collection of x game boxes and my Playstation has been gathering dust in the corner.
It all started a year ago when I saw a box x on my neighbor’s multi sales family page. She wanted to get rid of it because her son had spent all of me on it and I was able to get a pretty low price. And since it also has many x game boxes to go with the system I was able to get them for a few bucks too. I can get my favorite fighting games for a lot less money than I buy them from video game stores.

Game in the four squares

The x box game that I’ve grown to really love is Dance Dance Revolution. This is a new game type that combines practice with the normal gaming experience.  At the time I bought the game I didn’t know it would be challenging.
To my surprise it was quite difficult and I really felt that I was really dancing when I played the game. Its amazing to play a game that stimulates your mind while providing cardio-vascular exercise.

Determine the winner of the Game by arranging balls

X game boxes can cost quite a lot and I learned that it would be wise to rent games from video stores to determine if they are worth buying. However, the Dance Revolution is an exception. It’s the only game that’s more convenient to buy than renting games and mats. The idea of ​​using mats used by other people seems pretty unhygienic.
X game boxes on eBay can also be bought for less money than those at video game stores so I went there to check out some games. The most economical way to get a new game is to trade the game with other x box gamers but you have to make sure than you get your game back. In the last few months the only games I bought were Sick People really like and of course, the incredible Dance Dance Revolution.